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In origin of RUSSKAYA TSVETNAYA BOLONKA took part French Bichon, Shih-tzu, lhasa-apso. Creation of the breed started in 1951 when sections of show dogs in dog breeding and hunting clubs were being founded. A group of homogeneous, close according to the exterior individuals, made by selection on a phenotype was formed in Leningrad Cynologists and Fans-dog breeders of Leningrad’s society of hunters and fishers. The mainest breed’s attributes were small size (20-24 sm), rich one-colored coat cover. In 1962 there were written the Standrd for the breed group “tsvetnaya bolonka”. In 1966 the standard was confirmed by All-Union Canine Council under the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the decision of Moscow City Executive Commettee out of sections of decorative dogs under Sverdlovsk Inter-District Society in 1973 in Moscow was founded MGOLS (The Moscow City Society of Dogs Fans). Active breeding work and cooperation with cynologists of Leningrad approved MGOLS the basic center of genetic work with the breed “tsvetnaya bolonka”. In 80’s popularity of the breed grows, there were organized clubs and kennels. Then there was founded a National Breed’s Club “Tsvetnaya bolonka”. GENERAL APPEARANCE: small, slightly long format, harmonious constitution. Looks smart, thanks to the effective colours of dense coat. Melting and nice eyes expression. Tsvetnaya bolonka shouldn't be similar to shih-tzu or poodle. IMPORTANT PROPORTIONS: The length of a trunk exceeds height in withers no more than 15 %. Depth of a thorax is equal to half of height in withers. The length of a muzzle is little more than one third of length of a head. BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT: Tender dog with vivid temperament and the balanced character. HEAD: Proportional to the general constitution. CRANIAL REGION: Skull is rounded, lightly convex, the occiput is poorly expressed, supraorbital ridges are moderately expressed, with well developed short stop.


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