For shows of for the breeding?

Article: For shows of for the breeding?
If the show career is a priority than you’d better buy a male. The male isn’t liable to fall-off because of the hormonal changes after the heat or birth. After mating the male becomes more and more beautiful and flourishes. His coat needn’t to be renewed. He can be registered for the show a year in advance but not in the last moment when registration becomes much more expensive. If you want to be a winner then you should purchase anatomically right and good-looking boy who will be a good competitor for the rest of the males in the ring. According to my observation the judges prefer males of 3,5 kg in weight, strong in body. That means they must be strong, well-boned with good driving power in the hindquarters. So before choosing a show dog you must learn and find out everything about the breeders and don’t buy any dog you are suggested to. Believe me that it isn’t enough to have a pretty muzzle to win a dog show even if you are alone in the ring. In the Best of the Show such a dog won’t have a chance for winning anything. We are talking here about the promotion in Best of Show, aren’t we? To be the best is to be the best. So the show male must be the best one and have good anatomy, right teeth, well-developed testicles, beautiful coat , a well-shaped muzzle and joily spirit =) Such dogs are expensive but they are worth it because they are of good quality. For the show you can also choose a female. But you must realize that career will be an obstacle for a reproduction. Such a female can have puppies but very rarely. The female of 3,5 in weight gives birth to small quantity of puppies. Sometimes puppies also may be born with defects – so it doesn’t look like breeding. You’d better focus on shows. I like shows and have got 10 females in my kennel. I made a conclusion that a male must represent a kennel at the show – beautiful and with good anatomy. Females are tender, gentle and fretful creatures. During the show they can let you down. Breeding. If you decided to breed dogs you must choose a female from 4 to 5 kg in weight. They are good dams – strong, lactic and fecund. Such a female gives birth to 3-6 puppies, she gives birth herself and the puppies are healthy and full-term. She recovers very fast and she is a dream of a breeder. Of course you mustn’t forget about the anatomy. The female must be healthy and anatomically right. Such a female isn’t for shows. A male for a female must be selected very attentively. Don’t save on a good male. If you choose a good one then the puppies will be beautiful – small and according to the standard. I mate my females of 4-5 kg in weight with males of 2,5-4 kg in weight and I have never had puppies of 6-7 kg in weight. The matter depends on a male because a good male transfers all his qualities to puppies in 99% cases. I wish you to have such a male!


Now let’s talk about small females – from 2,5 kg to 3 kg, Are you ready to waste half of the salary for the C-section, lose half of the brood of the premature puppies or having agreed upon mating with the male and as a result to receive only one puppy thinking of how to pay for mating? Are you ready to check in your female for the show and come there with a shabby creature instead of the beautiful and rich in coat dog? Then of course you can have such a small female for breeding and show career. I consider such a female to be for the women at the age when their children have already grown up and when they want to take care of someone else. Such a dog is perfect for the soul – you can take it to work, go shopping etc. Such a “sweety” can be with you anywhere and it’s the best companion for such owners. It’s my opinion. People tend to read online that Ruskaya tsvetnaya bolonka must be from 1,8 kg up to 2 kg. They ring up the breeders and say they want to make a present for the child – a small dog. It’s obvious that danger threatens this small dogs in the families with small children – a child can close the door without noticing that he/she pinched the puppy in the door. Very often they can fall the dog on the floor. Just fancy what happens with a small dog in those cases. You must realize that fact – such dogs are not for the families with children. After the incidents people call back and cry asking to sell a normal dog as a dying on your hands small creature is a harrowing sight. If you have children! I would advise for such families to buy a standard RTB from 3,5…4 or a little more than 5 kg. Firstly, such a dog has got a strong body, it can walk for a long time, play with children, you can leave it unattended on the yard of your cottage being not afraid that your dog will be taken by a raven or a hawk. Here you can watch how an RTB plays with children. Russian experts don’t hail too small and not enough bone dogs. So your pet must train (walk) every day – thanks to that the muscles develop and your dog looks great in the ring. You will win the dog shows. I repeat it once again that Russian experts give preference to standard in weight bolonkas with strong bone. Small and not enough bone dogs are on the last places. Don’t be greedy for the adverts. RTB CAN’T BE UP TO 2 KG IN WEIGH. This is rarity. A 1,8 kg dog is probably a mix with another breed. If your children have grown up and you have a lot of spare time to dedicate yourself to the small creature as it’s boring to live alone; if you are ready that your little sweety will do a poo and pee on the diaper and you will carry it in your arms almost all the time; if you can afford to buy a dog for 50,000-70,000 rubles (€1000-€1500) because a breedy mini-bolonka cost much money – then you can call the kennels and search for such a small dog. I must assure you that you will have an exclusive dog as bolonkas are rare against the background of the Yorkshires, Chihuahua, Toys and Maltese etc. There are few kennels breeding an RTB and of course there are much fewer mini-dogs of this breed. Good luck!=)
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